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Fly Rods

Check out our Store Rods.   We have them made to our specifications, the Grayling 8'9"  5 weight 4 piece rod has a softer lighter action which makes it more forgiving for beginners.  They will snap off less flies and put less wind knots it the tippit.   It has beautiful components such as the reel seat and pleasing natural colors for the rod blank.

The DFT 9' 5 weight 4 piece fly rod has a faster and more powerful action.  Cast better in windy conditions and further than most 5 weight fly rods. We like the casting of this series better that any of our store rods.  Again there is a no fault waranty for breakage of any of our store rods, just $25 to fix or replace any broken part.  We are the warranty center so just call us with the information  an the broken part and we will get you the replacement.